Headed by Prof. Ali Turhan (MD, PhD Hematology, University Paris Sud, IFHIPS (lien)

 Goals: To identify novel genotypic and phenotypic markers on normal and malignant stem cells and elucidate novel intrinsic and extrinsic signaling pathways leading to their self-renewal, quiescence and long-term dormancy.


  1. Next-generation stem cell models of leukemia (CML and Myelodysplasia) and cancer ( breast cancer) and  targeted therapies
  • Modeling tumors and leukemia by reprogramming technology and genome editing
  • EMT/MET and epigenetic stemness programing
  • Gene expression and regulation
  • Clonal evolution and heterogeneity
  • Drug discovery – HTS screening
  1. Study the role of clock genes in normal and malignant stem cells based on chronobiology system models
  • Characterization of Dormant Leukemic Stem Cells In novel In vivo models and role of circadian clock genes.
  • Circadian rythme and molecular hub regulating EMT and stemness in mammary stem cell fate and breast cancer
  1. Regenerative medicine models based on embryonic and pluripotent stem cells using human and porcine iPSC.
  • Genome stability and safety of ESC /IPSC
  • Improving pluripotency and epigenetic characterization of new porcine iPS cells
  • Generation of hematopoietic cells and gene correction from IPS disease models
  • Immune therapy in cancer using engineered IPSC derived-lymphocyte and DC.
  • Engineering hepatic cells by generation induced endodermic stem cells or by direct converting for regenerative therapies