• “ESTeam Paris Sud” is the Pluripotent Stem cell Core facilty linked to UMRS 935 programs and the INGESTEM infrastructure

Headed by Prof A. Bennaceur-Griscelli


Goals: To generate disease and normal pluripotent stem cell models for biomedical and industrial applications (www.ingestem.fr).



  • Modeling cancer (leukemia and solid tumors and hereditary cancer)
  • Organoid
  • Explore immune therapy strategies.
  • Deriving porcine iPSC
  • Generation of Clinical grade iPSC (Haplobank program)
iPSC-based industrial-grade stem cell protocols in state of the art, newly constructed  Paris Sud University Pluripotent Stem Cell laboratory facilities at Genopole Evry Campus with sponsorship from Region Ile de France.